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Legal Information

The content of the WEB page Autochip/MMC Chiptuning is the intellectual property of MMC Autochip (further on ACH). The ACH may preserve all related rights of copying and distribution by any techniques or technology, including publishing and copying the sub-pages attached to the WEB page. The Page of the ACH is completely under legal protection as intellectual property including the promotions and advertisements, it is forbidden consequently to extract and under a different title re-publish any part of them. It is also forbidden to reflect the content of the WEB page without the advance written consent of ACH and re-publish it’s content by any technical means even if it be modified. Parts of the content of the WEB page can be saved or printed out for personal use only, it is not permitted to store them for further use, disbursement, disposing them to save it by other users or introducing the copies for commercial use. The motion pictures on the WEB page are also subject to rights of intellectual property, it is forbidden to display, broadcast or disburse them as originals or in any modified form in any media without the prior knowledge and approval of their author with the exemptions of personal (not commercial) use of them.

It will also result legal consequences if information is published during a broadcasted program or in a television phone commentary about the content of the motion pictures or information derived from the WEB page. All these cases are legal only if there is simultaneous reference to the WEB page and if the content transmitted is commenting, not modifying or altering the information and unequivocal reference is made to the WEB page (autochip.hu) in each and every case. Without the prior written consent of the ACH it is forbidden to process the entire WEB page or any part of it ( the sequence of pictures, the structure of data, the structure, method, program, etc.) to trade or to reproduce it.

The name and domain name autochip.hu is under copyright protection, it is also a registered trademark, any use of it is subject to prior written and definite authorisation of the owner  save the cases when it is cited as a reference.

Any unauthorised use will result in criminal and civil law consequences. The ACH may demand cease of such activities and indemnification in 5 years retrospectively.

While opening the autochip.hu WEB page you accept the above described conditions.

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