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If you consider your CAR as a full member of your family and you also wish give to it an exceptional treatment than you are at the right site.

This webpage offers you a guidance on choices of chip tuning with user friendly explanations. All engines have hidden reserves of power to be exploited by optimisation and chip tuning. The additional power of you car is to be achieved by perfect timing of ignition. A fine tuned ignition therefore will result in better performance, coupled by more economic consumption.

In our page CHIPTUNING you will get detailed info on this process, functioning and also on the outcome of the optimisation of the engine. We will explain to you how is it possible to reduce fuel consumption and to increase power output simultaneously.

In our page CHIP TUNING vs. TUNINGBOX you will see the comparision between the use of tuningbox and chip tuning and also the true nature of some statements that otherwise may lead to false conclusions. It will prove to be useful for your information since you will get evident facts that are hardly to be located anywhere else. Here is a statement of a web page editor who is a specialist of cars:

„Congratulations! This page resulted marvellous and it gives the readers the very information they are looking for. I wish there were similar pages in all websites that deal with cars and tuning!”

Comments of our customers:

Audi chiptuning

Audi chiptuning A6 2.5tdi

chiptuningSince my Audi A6 2.5tdi V6 Quattro Tiptronic 180 Hp and 370 Nm (the chip means a plus of 30Hp, 70Nm) got a chip I drove it 700 km and my experiences are the following:
    * lower consumption (I will provide more details on the long run) so it was 50-100 km more road to drive with a full fill up.
    * not any malfunction noticed,
    * it accelerates rather nice and gradually smooth,
    * no emission of smoke, just a bit of it at forced starting as it were factory new,
The chip is still new, but I am satisfied 100% so far.
Greetings: Gabor F. 

BMW chiptuning

BMW chiptuning E32 730i

My car became very good, it is a model year 91, E32 730ia, 6 cylinder with 188Hp originally this proved to be sufficient for driving, but at high speed seemed to lose power. The car is in excellent condition, it was only serviced at the brands stations. I made several attempts installing different tuning devices, than I routinely went to Bavaria where I was laughed at and got rid of the improvised stuff and was also suggested  to redo the software. But where could I do it? Several companies are advertising themselves on cheap improvised sign-boards. That kind of marketing made no impression on me. I had no idea where turn to. Than Misi s workshop was suggested to me. I was a bit afraid from this reprogramming because I could not figure out how it worked. I made my decision finally and took my BMW to Misi s workshop, the reprogramming done and I found the car just brutal afterwards. Though it was not instrument tested, but both output and torque were increased considerably. The output of the car is more than enough for any traffic situation, my driving safety feeling was increased knowing that in case I happen to fail in a traffic situation the performance of the car is sufficient to pull me out from a bad situation. The fuel consumption also decreased though I believe those enthusiastic of consumption better ride a bicycle. I drive a lot abroad and at 160-180 km/h there is still a power reserve in the car. Some may just smile stating that the roughly 200Hp is low and their Japanese super cars have more power, but I do not share their point. I am not a racer, the output of the car is sufficient. I have already taken three cars to Misi s and my opinion keeps tobe just positive.
Greetings: Attila G.

BMW chiptuning E39 530d

Dear Misi!
Thank you for tuning my car a professional way (BMW E39 530d). The car was strong even before, but upon putting the chip in it I would call it just brutal. The strength can be felt even in the stationary position which was not the case earlier. Acceleration can be rationed perfectly. The additional power can be handled well, relaxed driving is also possible, but when it comes to speeding one is experiencing a fantastic feeling. It is a good experience to drive while having so much reserve of power of the BMW. Power can be felt all the time at any speed. Even the significant torque, characteristic of the diesel engine BMWs has been increased. I have got No.265 pneumatics on the rear wheels, but at major accelerations the ASR is in full duty. The smoke at major accelerations disappeared too! It is also my favourable experience that the fuel consumption has not been increased!  Thank you for the precise, correct, reliable job you made!
Greetings: Balázs N.

BMW chiptuning E60 525i

the reaction of the car is felt more elastic
before the chip it was slow a bit when starting, this disappeared
the accelerator pedal became more responsive
the engine revolution is up
when air condition is on, the output is less decreased
I believe that the chip programmed by you brought about a qualitative improvement in the performance of the BMW 525i E60.
Regards: István Zs.

BMW chiptuning E60 530d

Hi Misi!
As for the car I only can relate in superlatives. The output/characteristics/manoeuvrability
of the car has changed just as we were expecting it while talking. Due to the chip and the torque near to 600Nm the ASR  is on even in the third gear (on dry road surface) and the laziness of the accelerator pedal disappeared. And what is the most astonishing of all, that the fuel consumption is also down with some centigrade in spite of the fact that I frequently enjoy the benefits of the higher output. 
That is thank you once again!
Regards, Balázs (the BMW 530d colour magenta)

BMW chiptuning E60 530xd

This story started when I sold my Saab 9-5 and purchased a BMW 530xd.
I did not became much impressed. The Saab with its 230Hp and a torque of 360Nm outperformed the BMW however according to the corresponding data (upon the parameters given by the factory) it should have been likewise. I started a search on the net to find out who deal with chip tuning? There were quite a lot. I was reading their pages and suddenly a correctly informative description about the real nature of the chip tuning attracted my attention on the autochip.hu. I visited Mihály and told him what I was looking for. He responded telling me the result to be expected. Prior to the “intervention” I took the car for a performance calibration which duly resulted in the factory set parameters: 234Hp and 484Nm. Than the tuning was implemented. I sit in the car with much expectations. It was not in vain.
The performance of the car was tremendous. I became curious how the increase of the parameters was, so I returned to calibration. It resulted in 270Hp and 601Nm. Subsequently there was a further favourable surprise. During a trip of 1000Kms during which there was a 30% city drive in normal speed and 70% in the highways at a speed of 150-160, sometimes for 5-6 Km periods even at 160-180 in German highways (upper limit is 264Km/hour) the average fuel consumption resulted in 8 L/100Km. Now I love this car.
A satisfied chip client.

Chevrolet chiptuning

Chevrolet  chiptuning Lacetti 1.4 16v

Hi Misi!
I was in your workshop with my Chevrolet Lacetti 1.4 16v (95Hp) car two days ago. Even at the first start after the chip setting a difference could be felt, but it seems there must be some time spent while the result can really be felt – in my case it was one day, when the computer became fully set the car became very dynamic too, the first gear is most dynamic what is not the characteristic of the model, it gained a strong torque in all gear ranges, for example it was today, that I was driving in third gear set, at a speed of 30 km/h and when overtaking an another vehicle it felt as it was in the second gear, I am satisfied, one thing is sure when I will have an other car I will take it to you too for chip tuning, because it is worthy, for this money I got a car which is one and a half as strong, in a way that no damage was made, the engine was not even touched!
It worth to do chip tuning even in this lower category range of cars because it turns the lower middle category car with few output into a real Chevrolet of the traditionally(!) potential kind.
Thanks: Koma

Chevrolet chiptuning Lacetti 1.6 16v

Hi, Misi,
I took my Chevrolet Lacetti 1.6 SW station wagon to your workshop today. The positive effects were produced shortly upon starting the first drive. The car became much more dynamic. It gives response to acceleration at once. No trace of its former laziness, restrain. It has a strong torque at low revolution even. It accelerates in a more balanced way, no need to force the revolution. Its output became improved gradually during the first 10-15 km drive.
I am fully satisfied. Thanks. Mark F.

Citroen chiptuning

Citroen chiptuning Xsara Picasso 1.6 16v

D. Misi,
I was at your workshop with a Xsara Picasso 1.6  16v 110Hp, gas engine type. The tuning made it just like it was expected. In the lower range it has more torque, one must shift the gear back on rises less frequently. Many times I feel if it was in fourth gear while driving in the fifths upon its response. The first day I enjoyed the riving with the potential added, I liked the new experience a lot, than the following day I disciplined myself set the route counter at zero and drove the customary routes the normal, usual way. It used to produce a consumption of 8.6L in these short city drives, but now –after a two weeks period- driving the very same way it was just 7.9L. I am most satisfied with the additional output you could arrange out of this simple gas engine car. I also met my main objective to decrease fuel consumption. An 0.7 decrease in city traffic is a good result I think. Thank you for the excellent job done!
István B.

Ford chiptuning

Ford chiptuning Focus 2.0 tdci

Dear Misi,
It was a week ago when I visited you with my Ford Focus. That is a 136Hp TDCI, black colour, station wagon. I have already informed you that time about my first impressions that the machine is running rather well. I only can confirm the previous opinions as right. The car is that good at the revolution 1500-1800, that there is no need to pull it up to 3000. The modification was done a week before. Due the early test drives and demo trips there was a rise in consumption, but ever since in my customary driving style there is no any rise again. I would not swear it was even decreased, but it also might be. In case of this car it could be 2-3 dl per 100 km in all. As a matter of fact the modification was absolutely justified, I can recommend the intervention for everybody and above all your expertise too. It is that much so, that a same model and age car and also a bit older Passat will be taken to you workshop soon.  The owners are my friends who became much enthusiastic about the results! So let me wish you good working results and many similarly satisfied clients! Greetings, Tibi.

Ford chiptuning Mondeo 1.8 tdci

Hello, Mihály!
Thank you a lot for your excellent job.
I have 2007. new Ford Mondeo 1.8 tdci in which I have had installed a …..tuning box last year. It was not that bad, the setting was made in my presence, increase of output could be felt, but also some smoke at the same time…
But in some way it was not exactly what I expected and it was than when I went to your workshop. It took one and a half hours in total and the engine of the car seemed to be changed. It became much stronger at all revolution ranges, starts to pull well at low range, can be accelerated much higher, no smoke experienced. No change in consumption, a decrease if any. Since then I took the car for oil replacement to a Ford brand workshop, where I also asked to make a motor test by the computer where not any malfunction could be tested. Thank you once again, I only can recommend the expertise and work of  Mihály to everyone.
With thanks, Sz.K.

Ford Mondeo 2.0 tdci, Ford Transit 2.0 tdi, Seat Alhambra 1.9 pdtdi

Hi, this is Sanyi!
It was in 2004.when considering a chip tuning upon a related advertisement for days I finally made up my decision for curiosity and called by the phone. What helped me to decide, that at that time I had a Seat Alhambra 1.9 pdtdi and it was not a muscle car. I arranged a tuning and the engine of the car got to life indeed. Misi charged it with 30 additional Hp and a higher torque. The car rode excellent and also the consumption remained good. I was enjoying the potent engine no long and changed the car for a Mondeo tdci, originally having 130 Hp but as could not stand long without the tuning, so came that Misi “modified a bit the computer” and my car became a sports one. The Hp became cca. 160, the torque cca. 390 Nm, the consumption 7.2 in city traffic, so that became a really economic vehicle. Finally I wish to mention the car I work with and the one I like the most, it is a 2001 year Ford Transit 2000 ccm with originally 100Hp. This was also “intervened” along with the above mentioned Alhambra. After the tuning was made I rode it cca. 100 thousand km  and the torque was really strong at the lower revolution range. Considering that it is a truck it accelerates well due to the high torque. Its consumption is around 10 litres which is not bad from a car with 197 thousand km done. Since I used much the Transit for my work I got used to it. It can be felt that due to the tuning there is not much need to push the pedal. But when necessary it also will react nicely. I did not regret my chip tuning mania at all. I wish everybody who may decide to adopt a chip tuning that you please enjoy your car afterwards.

Hyundai chiptuning

Hyundai chiptuning Accent 1.5 12v

D.Misi! All told about you in this chapter is true. It is two weeks by now, that I was at your place with the car (Hyundai Accent 1.5 12v). Up to now I was collecting experience, tested in all possible ways, the performance, consumption, the reactions of the engine. I have to tell you, that it is really a great feeling to drive it (save for the peak hours). With respect, Arpad K. / a satisfied client.

MG chiptuning

MG chiptuning ZS 180 2.5 V6

I have the following experience: after using the car 1-2 days, this is what was clearly felt; the car became more active even at low revolution, also at accelerations with or without change the gear a much better reaction was felt responding the pressure of the pedal.  It is generally true, that while the engine is cold (in my case when the arm of the water heat meter started moving and was fixed at halfway) for than it really felt that something was being to happen. With a cold engine the above mentioned effects can not be certainly felt as it is also true, that a cold engine should not be forced. The sound of the motor is more strong, above all when the driver presses the pedal more, but it is also the air filter what counts here. There is no reliable feedback concerning consumption, I just used half a tank gas and next filling up is still to come. But as I really enjoy how the machine performs it is most likely that at the first couple fillings the consumption is likely to be at 11L/100km (there are drives of few km done with cold engine for there are not too many urgent jobs lately) this is also city drive, there will be more customary trips to do and also better climate periods. I still could not try the car at top speed which used to be 235 km/h neither the average consumption out of the city.
Greetings, Csaba

Opel chiptuning

Opel chiptuning Omega 2.5 Dti

I visited you to do the chip tuning this spring, I write now because I did not want to make a sudden judgement upon too fresh experiences and I did have enough time this way to draw consequences. I thank you everything you did for my car. My car is an Opel Omega of 2002. 2.5 Dti 24V, six cylinder in line with 76.000 km done. The BMW block under the hood did good job even before, but I felt it few. I knew what I needed was a chip tuning for it makes no damage to the engine while creating a considerable increase of performance, but I was careful in selecting the right professional with whom to get the job done. I was searching a lot and finally I was convinced by some cute girls at the March Tuning Show that Misi was the right choice. I followed the course and the job was done in a 1.5-2 hours. My car resulted to became a road monster. I did cca. 2500 km ever since. Driving experience is great. It is powerful starting from idle, the turbo charger makes nice whistle and around 1800 rpm the torque is set fully up one is pressed back in seat bucket. The fuel consumption at equal driving conditions is decreased by 1 to 1 L depending also on quality of fuel. It makes not any smoke the emission is below factory indices. If some smoke is seen in rear mirror it is white and has a smell of burnt tire.  The ASR has a lot of work to do. I put tires of wider profile on so it is only on dry surface, straight road that makes tires to work heavy duty and it will slide in curves better than other prestigious brands of the German car industry. In the highway a comfortable riding speed is 160 km/h, with sufficient reserves of power and even over 180 it is pulling fine. The top speed has not increased significantly due to the unfavourable set of gears (just +5km/h), even this speed can not be taken use on Hungarian roads though.  I can only recommend the MMC Chip tuning for everybody, the job they do is done properly, precisely and in a professional manner.
With thanks: Peter P.

Peugeot chiptuning

Peugeot chiptuning 607 2.2 Hdi, Peugeot 307 2.0

Dear Misi!
I wish to thank you the professional attitude you expressed. I am exceptionally satisfied with your work. You made tuning of my first car  (Peugeot 306 St) six years ago, which had a suction gas engine and even tough I experienced an astonishing difference as a result. Its torque has increased from idle and the fuel consumption was decreased by one litre. My next car was a Peugeot 607 2.2 Hdi for which you made an individual chip tuning. The car became tremendously dynamic. Here the consumption was also decreased by nearly one litre, but it was hard to resist the bigger performance, so when I drive taking use of it, the consumption is back to the factory set standards. I drove the vehicle nearly 100 thousand km after tuning and experienced no disorder of the engine, the automatic gearbox is also functioning perfectly.
Thank you again for making my car more valuable, which made its fantastic manifestation while selling it recently, the buyer opted for my 607 due to it s dynamic performance. My next car will be a Hyundai Tucson which I will take to your workshop, no doubt about it.
Greetings: ottofon

Renault chiptuning

Renault Clio chiptuning 1.5 dci

Dear Mihály!
Thanks for the excellent work you made on my car. You did it one months ago and I drove the car 3000 km, mixed use in city, road and highway.  My experiences are as follows:
    * the car became more elastic in all traffic situations, I do not have to think weather overtake,
    * it keeps a higher constant speed on the highway, what I felt as it was forced to keep previously,
    * the car speeds better with air conditioning on, than did without it formerly,
    * no smoke at all,
    * there is a one litre less consumption as average.
Thank you once again for the job done professionally, I did recommend you to some of my friends who think about chip tuning.
Greetings: Balázs Sz.

Rover chiptuning

Rover chiptuning 75 2.0 cdti

Thank you for your correct attitude, I am very much satisfied with the results, I specially like that the engine remained equally silent and emits no more smoke than before. What refers to the road performance it became more friendly, with more torque and quite pleasant. I have no experience regarding the consumption for I did not fill it up ever since, but will let you know afterwards. The only thing I regret is not taking it for this intervention earlier. Unfortunately I will have to change brake pads with more frequency….small problem.
Greetings: Zoli Sz. Thank you again

Seat chiptuning

Seat chiptuning Ibiza Cupra 2.0

Hi, above all I wish to thank you that you made a wild animal (in good sense of the word) out of  Seat Ibiza Cupra 2.0 16v. First I had a chip installed at ……..and it resulted rather weak, they did not pay much attention, put it in and let me go, they also asked HUF 55 thousand for the job, which would not be a problem if I got what I wanted. Than a person I knew suggested your workshop, which I liked much for a series of chips have been tried to find the most adequate one which lets me speed, I liked it much. I can not but recommend your work for everyone for I am much satisfied with it myself! Thank you!

Seat chiptuning Leon 1.4 16v

Hello Misi!
We visited you yesterday evening, you certainly remember, it took you some hours to repair the board computer of my Leon. The reason I write: thank you a lot for your job done, I knew the car was in good hands when at your workshop. The results are: Seat Leon 1.4 16v, this was the raw material, you also mentioned that big wonders can not be expected out of such a small engine, but have to admit there are still miracles!!! My car has changed remarkably as for its acceleration and torque. It is like sitting in quite a different car. I do not experience any disorder, it is a small “angry beast”, it moves more resolutely while overtaking, though I have no experience about consumption yet as the job was done just a day ago. Take it for sure: I am completely satisfied with your work and certainly with the performance of my car. Thank you and I will recommend you for any interested client.
Greetings: Timea V. (Seat Leon 1.4 16v, silver)

Volvo chiptuning

Volvo chiptuning S60 2.4D

Hi everybody!
If I were you I would not hesitate which to choose!
I found this page using a search program on the net and read carefully several pages before making my mind up. A primordial criterion is whom to trust enough to let him the computer of my beloved car, which represents a not so moderate value, to be reprogrammed. For some reason this shop happened to be the most sympathetic for me. I have a Volvo S60 2.4D model year 2002 which I have purchased a couple of months ago. It is 130 Hp originally, which was all right with me, but had a constant hard feeling when I saw the similar model with D5 mark having a 163Hp engine just because of different programming of is s software. So I called the phone number I saw on the home page, told what model and type I had and got my appointment date. I was also a bit late, but it made no difficulty, the workshop owner  seemed to be rather tolerant. Than I had to answer quite a lot of questions: what modification I needed, what my driving style was, in which ranges I liked to have more dynamism, etc. The answers were: the D5, that is the objective and that the engine should be equally strong in the low and the upper revolution ranges because I noticed that these engines are not powerful enough in the upper sphere. I left as a gentleman and in two hours got the phone call that my car was ready. I was astonished how much it was changed. A higher torque was already felt when starting and also in high ranges it was equally dynamic. The difference was felt instantly, my S60 had much more torque and became much stronger. Thanks to the professionalism and precise work of Mihaly! The consumption did not increase, on the contrary. Fully filled (it is 70 litres) I did 800 km in city traffic and all this is the case of a 2.5 in line 6 cylinder engine! And something more: if we use a car the improper way it does not make a difference whether it is with or without chip tuning we will spoil the engine anyway. In reality chip tuning is the optimization of the motor. So if you need a chip and want a really expert and helpful professional to do it who will not cheat you and fix your car as you want, than this is your best choice!
Brgds: Baggio from Kispest

Volkswagen chiptuning

VW chiptuning Golf 1.4

Hi everybody! Let me start with telling you my superlative estimation about our Misi s work, it was not my first car he made stronger. The first case was a Seat Ibiza Cupra which could not have been adjusted better by the DTM team! I should say the car became an aggressive beast. It could smoke the tyres in the third gear, that I thought something was set to fire.
Now I drive a real power machine. It’s a VW Golf 1.4 2000 year model. Please do not laugh too soon for when we start to compete with your 1.6 engine car you will be left behind with ease for sure….and with a smaller motor. This tuning was done very well! A friend of mine commented the difference when he was missing 2-3 days from the passenger seat…this is a remarkable opinion, is it not? So, thank you a lot Misi what you did to my car so far, because it became rather good! I only can recommend to everybody this gold handed craftsman who gives no promises, but strength.
By Misi, yours faithfully: Csepi

VW chiptuning Passat 2.0 PD TDI

Hello! I drive a 2.0 140Ho Passat which I use as a taxi. Upon the optimization it became evident at the very first test that the car drives much better. The ASR is on duty in the 2nd and the 3rd gear if I press the pedal hard and it accelerates considerably better at low revolution. There is no need to shift back while overtaking, it is possible to speed in the 5th and 6th gear as the motor became much more elastic. The consumption decreased 0.5 litres in city traffic including the test accelerations. My colleagues kept on joking that chip tuning is just a psychological effect, but when it was done and they experienced the change their opinion was changed.

MMC Chip tuning 

For more information on chip tuning please visit our Hungarian website:  MMC chiptuning in Hungarian

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